Balancing Act! Gold, Aura Quartz & Turquoise Necklace


Balancing Act! Gold, Aura Quartz & Turquoise Necklace- 

This gold necklace and gold circle are holding an Aura Quartz point and a turquoise stone. This Aura Quartz was chosen to enhance energy and to bring the body and soul into a wonderful balance, bring safety and facilitate peace. Quartz is a great programing receptor (used in computers) allowing us to give our quartz an intention (job) to focus on for our own wellbeing. This necklace can also be custom designed for you with the crystals of your choice. Turquoise is a master healer, it increases the life force in the body. It helps foster honest and open communication, encourages self-forgiveness and releasing regrets. Turquoise inspires to act with truth, compassion and forgiveness.